Is a very recent method that serves to minimize the display of the scar in the donor area, which is applied when we carry out the removal of the sample in the form of Strip. This technique allows the growth of the hair inside the scar.

Method F.U.E.

Is a method that allows the extraction of hair by hair in the donor area, without doing strip-shaped and leave scars can be learned from 400 to 700 micro grafts per hour, ideal for patients: Caucasian, African Americans, Asian, etc. Used micro punch up to 1 mm in diameter to unifolicular extraction, leaving as a result a micro hole which is repaired by a process of healing by second intention micro-shaped points. Worth note that this method is little advantageous for patients with alopecia degree 4,5,6,7, it would follow the scheme of Normand's, in this case of alopecia have minimum 3 sessions, reason by which exhaust the donor area leaving an area of low density.