• Make your dream true!

  • It is not a wig or a treatment!

    We guarantee quantity and density of hair permanently for life.

The Clinic

The Clinic includes a group of plastic surgeons and specialists in micrografting. They have all been using the Dulcoff method since 1992.

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Advantages of micrograft hair transplants over other techniques

  • Results guarantee a natural look.
  • There is no possibility of scar formation (cheloid and hypertrophic scars), therefore there is no contra-indication for new implants.
  • There is no possibility of postoperative vascular problems.
  • We are able to graft an important amount of hair in each session.
  • There is no risk of hyperpigmentation or hipopigmentation (patches) on the bald area.
  • Postoperative bandages are not necessary.
  • Patients do not have to stay at the Clinic. In fact, they can go to work next day.
  • Micrografting does not require follow-up treatment.

Other treatments

  • Eyebrow, eyelash, and moustache reconstruction.
  • Correction of hair grafting with doll-hair look (Punch grafting).
  • Treatment of female androgenic alopecia.
  • Treatment of scarring alopecia, also known as cicatricial alopecia
  • Treatment of alopecia due to burning, and scalp injury.
  • Scalp reduction and scalp lifting procedures.
  • Galeoplastia and lifting of the cuero cabelludo.
  • Reconstrucion of the beard and the whiskers.